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Erotic massage salon
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Double pleasure: massage in four hands

A four-handed massage simultaneously brings double effect. This is a more intensive version of relaxation with health benefits. We invite you to relax and forget about worries at any time of the day or night. Two masseuses will take you into their own hands, working through problem areas from both sides simultaneously. Smooth movement of professionals will put you in deeper relaxation, removing psychological blocks, turning off consciousness and getting you into a pleasant trance. A massage session in four hands will first relax you, and then give energy.

The wisdom of the procedure has been known since ancient times. But that times such a massage was available only to the rich. Erotic body massage is a very elegant art creating the atmosphere of mystery and enjoyment. As a result a client gets not only physical but psychological pleasure.

The secret of a massage in four hands is the strength of two masters and the power of their energy. Sessions soothe nerves, restoring a psycho-emotional state, relieve tension from the muscles and improve sleep. Masters use aroma oils for massage. Session with aroma oils:

– Improves blood circulation;

– Restores the skin and its elasticity;

– Has a lifting effect and helps against cellulite;

– Stimulates  a slag removal process;

– Beneficial effect on the joints;

– Strengthens immunity;

– Improves self-healing functions of the body.

In our salon you can enjoy an erotic massage for men with two masters and try its unique effect. A special variant of relaxation is a lesbian show massage that will get you to the point of maximum pleasure.

We invite our guests around the clock.