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Erotic massage salon
+7 (905) 568-99-16 (WhatsApp, Viber)


Работа массажисткой в Москве в салоне


  • Salary our masseuses from 150 000. Daily payments without delays;
  • Flexible work schedule (can be individually discussed);
  • We work STRICTLY without sex and departures;
  • We guarantee full safety (security, panic button) and privacy; Comfortable cozy atmosphere;
  • Work for nonresident in Moscow (possible assistance with housing).

We do not work on the flow and focused on expensive public. Therefore, working as a masseuse in Moscow without overloading the system, You will earn more than in a conventional saloon. Over time, the earnings increases at the expense of loyal customers.

Our salon of erotic massage advertised on “all fronts”, so there is a constant stream of calls.


  • Girls 18-35 years;
  • Beautiful appearance, sexuality, flexibility, cleanliness;
  • Responsibility, punctuality, ability to find common language with different clients, kindness, non-conflict, lack of complexes, the desire to work and earn;
  • Knowledge of English is welcomed;
  • We hire girls with no experience, if You are beautiful and purposeful, we will teach;
  • The performance of several types of massage (classic, relaxing, erotic).

In the salon you can work at any time, after coordinating your schedule with the administrator. Fair schedule around the clock.

It is important to hire honest and non-confrontational person, so personal qualities are decisive in the selection of the candidate.

It is also a good option for dancers and strippers, as some types of massage include a stripper.

We do not employ conflict girls carrying negative energy, lovers of alcohol and constantly running around from one salon to another, criminal individuals admitted with specific goals. We have a wealth of experience in identifying such «friends», and the belt is always ready.

The work is always there! 100% security and privacy.

Call: +7 (495) 104-73-33