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Thai delights in the center of Moscow

тайский массаж

Have you been to Thailand? In a hot country, where in small shops in the city streets charming and sexy thai chicks attract you in an adult fairy-tale? And what if we say that a paradise holiday is possible in Moscow?

Not massage, but a dream


Body massage performed by masseuses in Thailand is impossible to forget. If you ever feel with your back sensitive and hot movements of the girl’s body slippery from oil, you will never forget it. Body massage will be synonymous with rest for you.


First disadvantage. In Thailand, body massage is performed together with intimate services. And not everyone wants to come into contact with an unknown girl in an exotic country.

The second disadvantage. Thailand is far away! It’s seven thousand kilometers from Moscow. From the divine rest you are divided tens of thousands of rubles, lack of free time and an irreducible distance.

Not a dream, but a life!

Body massage in Moscow is a fabulous dream without consequences. Each of our employees is a specialist in massage. You will get maximum relaxation and pleasure, you will feel a pleasant, spreading excitement on the body. This is the best holiday, incomparable with cozy home evenings, summer gatherings with friends or going to the movies.

Thai body-to-body massage  covers the whole body – from the tips of the fingers to the neck, both women and men have one of the most sensual erogenous zones. Blood stream improves, and muscle tension goes away when a masseuse slides  on your body. After the session you feel how the body gets younger, new forces come, and stress and nerves leave the body. You feel an insuperable lightness, calm, but strong arousal. This effect is achieved with the help of  thematic music, essential oils, muffled light and ,of course, skillful hands and the body of a masseuse.

Approach this pleasure!

The session of body massage in Moscow is held by girls, which are more beautiful than Thai ones – Russians! Our girls are well-groomed and sexy, and, despite the lack of intimacy, drive you crazy at first sight. If you still want exotics, we have specialists with oriental appearance.

Body massage in Moscow is a unique method to escape from everyday life to exotic vacation-inside our salon you will find a real paradise.