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Erotic massage salon
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Massage «Clockwork Orange»

Duration: 01 hour. 00 min. Cost: 11000 rub.

Duration: 01 hour. 30 min. Cost: 13000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • Touching the whole body
  • Shower with a masseuse before and after a massage
  • Classical massage (done with hot oranges)
  • Erotic massage (Sakura Branch, massage of lingam, full body massage)
  • Unlimited number of relaxations

The program «Clockwork Orange» is designed specifically for those who seek to achieve the maximum relaxing effect and get true pleasure from the touch of a gentle female body. Immersed in the world of exquisite aromas and melodic music, you will lose track of time and balance on the verge of being allowed, feeling the breath of a beautiful girl, the touch of a tongue, a nose, feeling the proximity of the hot body.

This program appeared as the quintessence of the best massage techniques which were developed specially to provide the client the maximum pleasure and help him to open a completely new range of sensations. In the skilled hands of the masseuse your body will feel a new energy level, getting into the ocean of passion and sensuality and feeling the peak of emotional arousal.

The program has combined the elements of various types of massage: Thai, Japanese, Hawaiian, Tantric, erotic and so popular in our days body-to-body massage. Muscles are relaxed, the mind is completely relaxed, and in the most erogenous zones you feel light touches of hot orange ...