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Erotic massage salon
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Erotic massage «Aphrodite’s kiss»

Duration: 01 hour. 00 min. Cost: 10000 rub.

Duration: 01 hour. 30 min. Cost: 13000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • Touching the whole body
  • Shower with a masseuse before and after a massage
  • Classical massage if desired
  • Erotic massage (kisses on erogenous zones, hot and cold breath (Sakura Branch), imitation of oral pleasures by the neck, full body massage)
  • Positions of Kamasutra
  • Unlimited number of relaxations

A truly inexhaustible theme Olympic gods can be visible in this VIP massage program. This time the guest is given the opportunity to meet the true embodiment of beauty, the goddess Aphrodite, who will please the guest’s eyes with her charm and endear him with unearthly pleasures. Gentle, light, passionate kisses will cover all the most sensitive places on the body, evoking a divine fire in them. All this will be supplemented by the classical part of the massage - although this last point will be fulfilled or canceled according to the guest’s wish. In addition, the goddess knows how to realize dreams of sensual oral pleasures- her lily neck with the help of special techniques will allow you to easily imagine the desired pleasures.