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Erotic massage salon
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Erotic massage «Foot-fetish»

Duration: 01 hour. 00 min. Cost: 5000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • Touching the whole body
  • Shower with a masseuse before and after a massage
  • Classical massage if desired
  • Foot fetish
  • Erotic massage (erotic foot massage, light body massage)
  • 1 relaxation

To get satisfaction, to get away from vital adversities and troubles at work is easy – it is enough only to trust skilled hands of the professional masseuse. But it is much better if she not only mechanically performs her work, but helps you to feel the true passion, with her light touches, awakening the most secret feelings and emotions. Do not just relax, but become yourself, not being shy of prejudice, you can during the program «Foot-fetish».

This kind of massage not only relaxes, but also carries a share of eroticism, a palette of unusual and new sensations. The combination of a variety of massage techniques and the ability to express one's own imagination make foot-fetish one of the most piquant and non-standard pleasures. Aesthetics here is manifested literally in everything - from a pleasant and cozy interior to the outfit of a beautiful girl, in which the main detail is emphasized - sexy female legs clad in exquisite stockings or socks. Touching the magnificent feet, contemplation of the ideal pedicure, the opportunity to touch this beauty with your own hands add passion and exciting sensations. You will feel like a prisoner of pleasure, as you are a real gourmet, preferring an exclusive delicacy. Restrictions are practically absent - the main thing is that you get the maximum of pleasure.