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Erotic massage salon
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Erotic massage for couples

Duration: 01 hours. 30 min. with one girl Cost: 8000 rub.

Duration: 01 hours. 30 min. with two girls Cost: 14000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • Touching the whole body
  • Shower with a masseuse before and after a massage
  • Classical massage
  • Erotic massage (Sakura Branch, imitation of oral pleasures with warm strawberries, cream show, full body massage)
  • Unlimited number of relaxations
  • 30 minutes before the end of the program, guests are left alone

A lot of couples, married or having relationships without a stamp in their passports, can eventually face a rather common problem these days, whose name is «the disappearance of passion». Where is the most glorified by thousands of poets flame, brighter than the sun that burned in the heart when it was only necessary to see the soul mate? It happens, sad as it may be, that routine life absorbs so much details necessary for harmonious relations, plunging the couple into everyday life and longing for the past times. But who said that the passion that seems to have been lost can not be suddenly returned?

Undoubtedly, the indisputable way of returning such a desired passionate fire to everyday life is visiting the erotic massage session with a partner.

Affectionate, exciting touch of experienced masseuse’s hands, the unexpected discovery of previously hidden points, from a single touch to which the body begins to burn with desire, complete relaxation, gradually replaced by a storm of emotions ... No doubt, an erotic massage is the sheer pleasure for the couples thirsting for the fresh sexual energy! And with all this - absolutely no jealousy, because everything happens only at the request of both guests and for the benefit of their future happy life with each other.

Salon and its staff guarantee couples:

  • complete anonymity, necessary in such an intimate matter;
  • excellent erotic massage from professionally trained and experienced girls;
  • a pleasant pastime, filled with new unusual sensations!