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Erotic massage salon
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Lingam Massage in Moscow

массаж лингама

It sounds mysterious, right? This is because the lingam is not only the name of the massage. It is a symbol of the god Shiva, a symbol of fertility with an explicit sexual implication. That is, massage of the male most erogenous zone.


Imagine that you are open to experimentation, and in front of you in an elegant pose there lies a skilled temptress with a burning passion in her eyes. Lingam Massage is a kind of erotic session, and, perhaps, one of the brightest ones. It is also attractive because it consists entirely of a male “foreplay,” and allows you to get a much stronger and longer pleasure than an orgasm.

The most elementary massage of the lingam is done with fingers. Massage oil and light and hot touches of the girl – these are the main attributes of this relaxation. Fingers easily touch the most tender places, descend below as if playing with you. A real burst of energy you will feel when the girl’s strong hands start to imitate the depth of a female body…

Lingam massage can be done not only hands, but also feet of neat well-groomed legs! These are completely different sensations, exotic, which you are unlikely to meet in non-professional salons. Soft feet will perform the same movements as hot hands, but the senses will become much more intense.

Another type is breast massage. Imagine how strong feelings can be if hands are replaced by an appetizing bust …It’s delightful!

It’s almost a magical ritual. Unforgettable sensations, not resembling anything, but leading to a familiar, increasing bright pleasure. Does it happen to you in everyday life? In our salon you can forget about complexes and entrust yourself to our girls.

Massage of lingam in our salon, like any other erotic, is done by charming and sexy masseuses. They will make you excited at first sight, and using their skills will bring you to the peak of pleasure.