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Erotic relaxation: what you need in the spring!

эротический релакс

At the beginning of spring, we suffer from mood swings, fatigue and a lack of vitamins. In our salon you can overcome the lack of a hormone of joy by visiting a session of erotic massage in Moscow. Men in the spring are particularly vulnerable: when the air is cleared of frost and saturated with the scents of flowering and girls wear short skirts, it’s almost  impossible to control sexual tension. Medicine has proved that men need relaxation, otherwise their health is seriously threatened. Masters in massage parlors help to avoid it. Ask any doctor if erotic relaxation is useful, and you will hear confirmation.

Erotic massage:

– tightens the skin;

– beneficially affects the condition of the muscles and spine;

– increases the level of endorphins;

– calms down the nervous system;

– helps to prevent  impotence and prostatitis.

History of erotic relaxation

In our salon we pay great attention to erotic relaxation, because this is not an ordinary massage, but a sacred activity. It came to us from antiquity. The most famous practices of erotic massage existed ancient Egypt. A lot of evidences of this remained on papyri. Historians believe that erotic relaxation was a prelude to sexual enjoyment.

A separate branch of the development of this type of massage can be observed in Asian countries, where sessions are more like a cult – they were held by geisha. The future of the woman depended on whether she could please the man.

Erotic relaxation today

Erotic relaxation is held today by masseuses in massage parlors. They are beautiful, young and sexy. For the entourage, the apartments are decorated with candles. First the master studies the body of the man, relaxing all his muscles and preparing for a pleasant excitement. Skillful employees of our salon perform massage not only with their hands, but also with their whole body.

The session of erotic massage for married couples will become a piquant and special experience. For women this procedure is useful for health and beauty: it relieves stress and tightens the skin. Erotic massage will be a pleasant discovery for the most demanding people.