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Private erotic massage or in the salon?

Erotic massage in today’s fast-paced world has become a very common way of spending free time for business people. This kind of stress relieving is gaining popularity, in different cities there are more and more massage parlors, and many masseuses hold private sessions at home. Recently, more and more often there are discussions about what is better – massage in the salon or a private massage at home.

Massage as a means of rest has proved its effectiveness. It helps to achieve several goals:

– To achieve relaxation

– To disconnect from everyday worries

– To improve mood

– To relieve stress

– To improve health.

Of course, all these goals can be achieved both in the salon, and ordering a private erotic massage session. Difficulty can arise in the process of choosing a professional masseur, since information on this service on the network can be found in a huge amount, the question is how to make sure of the high skill of a specialist. If you want to be sure of the quality, then it’s better to contact our erotic massage salon “Eden”.

Advantages of erotic massage in a salon


The massage session in our salon differs from private massage at home. In the hall of the men’s club “Eden” there is an atmosphere of coziness and peace, and our staff happily comes to your help at your first wish. The interior of the salon was designed by talented designers who diligently created a special style to directly get the client to the right mood. Agree that not always coming to a private master, you can immediately emotionally relax. Some may think this unimportant, but for a good rest psychological comfort is of great importance. If you want to gain strength and forget about the current problems, then the best choice is to stop at the salon, where everything is thought up literally to the smallest detail.

Erotic massage in the salon has an obvious advantage – here the client is constantly surrounded by attention and care. It is difficult to achieve this by getting the service privately, when a masseuse needs to get some privacy (take a shower, for example). In addition, our administrators will gladly answer all your questions.

When choosing a specialist for erotic massage our salon has a few more obvious advantages:

You can visit our website and learn the schedule of all our masseuses, choose the one that suits your taste and preferences. Agree, when you come to the masseuse at home, you will not be able to change your choice.

Salon “Eden” strictly monitors the health and hygiene of masseuses who work with our clients.

During the erotic massage session only disposable underwear is used, which undoubtedly corresponds high level of service.

Quality assurance

Looking through advertisements on private erotic massage on the Internet, it is extremely rare to see the confirmation of qualification in the form of a certificate about the passed training course. Choosing this kind of massage in the salon, you can be one hundred percent sure that in front of you there stays  a girl who attended professional massage courses.

The choice, of course, always remains with the client, but the main thing to remember is that when choosing an erotic massage in our salon, you get a quality guarantee. You need a relaxing massage, which will help you get filled with new energy and bright emotions – then you have come to the right place!