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Erotic massage salon
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Erotic program «Pussy»

Duration: 30 min. Cost: 4000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • Touching the whole body
  • The guest takes a shower himself
  • Oral pleasures towards the masseuse
  • Without classical and erotic massage
  • Without relaxation

The peaks of pleasure can be achieved when you not only receive caresses and adoration from a partner, but you give her your tenderness. Many men experience genuine satisfaction only when they feel the need to touch the girl, hot kissing of the most secret parts of the body and the joy of the caress.

The best conditions for a comfortable stay

Fans of elite leisure can appreciate the benefits of erotic massage salon EDEN:

  • The guarantee of absolute anonymity is an indispensable condition for such a piquant adventure;
  • Complete safety - disposable linen and personal hygiene products are at your service;
  • A cozy atmosphere with relaxing music, lighting and aromas of incense;
  • Parking for your car and any kind of payment convenient for the client.

Massage rooms with built-in mirrors, giving the opportunity to see the body of the girl in any angle, as well as recreation areas for large companies.

We do not just provide a set of certain services, but fill your life with wonderful moments of contact with the fascinating world of refined erotica!

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