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Erotic massage salon
+7 (905) 568-99-16 (WhatsApp, Viber)

Body massage for men «Erotic lunch»

Duration: 30 min. Cost: 2000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • Light touching the chest and the buttocks
  • The guest takes a shower himself
  • Light body massage
  • 1 relaxation

Very often the rabid rhythm of the active life of a huge metropolis makes its inhabitants endlessly busy leaving no time for a refreshing rest ... Still, the solution to the problem of eternal fatigue exists. The session of an erotic massage is able to restore strength, and help to get ready for new achievements! The salon of erotic relaxation EDEN offers those whose running on this difficult life can not be interrupted for a long time, visit the islet of bliss in the center of the bustling and noisy Moscow and give yourself an individual erotic massage that gives the spirit and body thirty minutes of such a long-awaited rest.

«Erotic lunch» is a program lasting only half an hour. But what a half an hour it will be! .. A delightful body of a charming masseuse that makes you company during a brief but such a magical rest; sensual touch of her hands, relaxing your tired muscles; silence, broken only by the hot breath and pleasant relaxing music, in harmony with the interiors in the style of the palaces of the mysterious East ... The combination of all this will give you many unforgettable moments.

Our charming perfectly trained masseuses do not ask unnecessary questions, but listen to everyone who wants to not only get their portion of pleasure, but also talk with them in the process. Any of them just waiting for the moment when you have a desire to take your free time with such exquisite entertainment as an individual erotic massage. Half an hour of wonderfully spent time, full relaxation and refreshment of the soul and body - and this is all at a remarkably low price in the men’s club EDEN!