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Erotic massage salon
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Massage for men «Light»

Duration: 01 hour. 00 min. Cost: 2000 rub.

  • The masseuse is completely naked
  • The masseuse is impossible to touch
  • The guest takes a shower himself
  • Classical massage - 30 min, erotic part - 15 min (light body massage)
  • 1 relaxation

A classic program offered to our guests. It's an hour of pleasure from the smooth touches of the hands of a skilled masseuse. These sixty minutes contain three parts. First - the guest goes to take a shower and refresh the body before the massage.

The next stage is «traditional classics» in the form of an ordinary, but from this no less pleasant than any other, massage. It lasts for forty minutes. Another fifteen minutes is an erotic «cherry on the cake» of this program: light, body massage. After that, the visitor goes to the shower in order to get rid of the remnants of fatigue and at the same time to come in a cheerful mood ready for new achievements.

Most of the erotic massage techniques in the kit of the program «Light» are not included, but without them the offer is very popular among the men visiting our club. You can not touch a girl doing a massage, but visual pleasure is sometimes enough to make the session very pleasant. The duration of the classical part of such an erotic massage program is 45 minutes, and the erotic part lasts for 15 minutes (light body massage without imitations). You take a shower yourself.