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Erotic massage salon
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Bachelor party with erotic massage in the salon EDEN

Looking for a place for an incredible bachelor party? Do you want it to be original, bright and unforgettable? Salon EDEN offers you to spend in its walls an excellent holiday in honor of the end of bachelor life!

The salon offers you:

  • the opportunity to fully relax in the company of friends;
  • a sauna with a font, which add relaxation to the whole party;
  • an atmosphere of light piquancy, supported by the massage skills of our young masseuses;
  • private dance, hookah, karaoke (optional)
  • any massage program to choose
  • compliance with the necessary rules of common decency, guaranteed by the good reputation and rules of the salon.

Ero-massage will be an excellent addition to the pre-wedding rest: it will help the body to relax completely and fill with new forces for the upcoming festivities! You can choose the contents of the party yourdelf: it can include absolutely any of those massage programs that you will see on our website.

Erotic massage programs for stag parties

Among the most exciting proposals can be mentioned «Strawberry»: the cream show, which is included in the list of the main highlights of this program. It gives you an exciting sense of competition for licking sweet white cream from the masseuse’s body.

Also, we can recommend the options that can be metaphorically called «divine». These are such programs as «Priestess Games», «Goddess» and «Poseidon», during which all invited guests can imagine themselves as powerful Greek gods. «Lesbian show» will please the look by an impressive lesbian game performed by the salon masseuses. «Hot Pleasure» will immerse the soul and body in the soft warm waves of water and steam. Refreshing yourself in the shower before and after all these pleasures you will not be alone – our charming masseuses will accompany you.

A lot of variants of erotic massage programs offered by the salon EDEN will not leave indifferent even already experienced guests of the club; they easily turn the entire stag party into an unforgettable event, making it an interesting gift for the future bridegroom and his friends!